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Self Consolidating Concrete

Introducing Sikacrete SCC

Posted by Sika Expert
October 19, 2016

What is Sikacrete Self Consolidating Concrete?

Sikacrete Self Consolidating Concrete is a one-component, self consolidating concrete containing factory blended coarse aggregate. This self consolidating concrete is silica fume and polymer modified and also contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor.

Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC), is a highly flowable concrete that has excellent placement characteristics and spreads into place evenly and fills formwork by it’s own weight and requires with little or no vibration.

Where to Use Self Consolidating Concrete

  • Full depth repairs.
  • On grade, above and below grade on concrete.
  • On horizontal surfaces.
  • Vertical and overhead surfaces when formed and pumped or poured.
  • As a structural repair material for walkways, bridges, and balconies.
  • Filler for voids and cavities.

How to Prepare Self Consolidating Concrete

Step 1.
Start mixing with 4.2 pints of water. An additional 0.3 pint can be added if needed. Do not
over water as excess water will cause segregation.


Step 2.
Add Sikacrete SCC while continuing to mix. Mix to a uniform consistency, maximum 3 minutes. Mechanically mix with a low-speed drill (400-600 rpm) and paddle or in appropriate-size mortar mixer or concrete mixer.


Step 3.
Pump or pour into form. Ensure good intimate contact with the substrate is achieved. Material will flow through the form without the need for pushing or pulling.



  • Minimum thickness 1 inch.
  • Maximum thickness, 8 inches.
  • Minimum ambient and surface temperatures 45°F (7°C) and rising at time of application.

Typical Data:
Compressive strength (ASTM – C39)
24 hours = 2,000 psi
7 days = 5,500 psi
28 days = 6,500 psi