Do It Yourself

DIY Decorative Tabletop Fire Pit

Posted by Sika Expert
May 14, 2020
Time: 2 Hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $50

DIY Decorative Table Top Fire Pit Using SikaQuick® Patch

This DIY project was quick and easy to complete. It required 3 bags of SikaQuick Patch, however, more product may be needed depending on the size of the bowl you're using for your fire pit. For this project, I used a bowl that was the size of a large salad bowl. This simple mix-in-the-bag DIY project had very little mess and zero dust. So you'll have no issues completing indoors. This is an easy way to decorate your outdoor patio this summer. I hope you enjoy!

PRO Select Products Used

Supplies & Tools

  • SikaQuick Patch (2-3 Bags)
  • Plastic Bowls (Large & Small)
  • Non-Stick Spray/Lubricant Spray
  • Wire Mesh
  • Wire Cutter/Scissors
  • Canned Heat (With Wick)
  • Decorative Landscape Rocks

SikaQuick Patch

Step 1: Lubricate Bowls

Using a non-stick spray or some kind of lubricant, coat the entire inside of the large bowl followed by spraying the outside of the smaller bowl. This will help with the release process once SikaQuick Patch is fully cured. 

SikaQuick Patch

Step 2: Mixing & Filling Large Bowl

To begin mixing simply roll the bag like a tube of toothpaste in the direction of the arrows. Mix contents back and forth for at least 20 seconds. Cut any corner with a pair of scissors and pour fully mixed product into your larger bowl. Repeat this process for any additional bags of SikaQuick Patch that may be needed. 

SikaQuick Patch

Step 3: Place Small Bowl

Take the smaller bowl and place directly on the fully mixed product inside the large bowl. You'll need to hold the small bowl in place for at least 20 minutes. To help weigh down the smaller bowl you can temporarily add the decorative rocks to the inside of the bowl. Any type of weight to keep the small bowl in place will suffice. After 20 minutes has passed, remove the smaller bowl and weights. After 1 hour you can remove the large bowl from the mold and you'll have the concrete base for you tabletop fire pit. 


Step 4: Cutting Wire Mesh

Place the canned heat in the center of the concrete bowl. Cut the wire mesh to size with wire cutters and remove the area that the wick will come through. Also, the wire mesh will help to protect the canned heat. Place the decorative rocks in the bowl and then you're ready to enjoy your tabletop fire pit. 


Finished Project: DIY Decorative Tabletop Fire Pit

SikaQuick Patch is very easy to use and mixes right in the bag. It can be found at your local home improvement store nationwide. I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY tabletop fire pit I created.