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DIY Concrete Ring Holder with SikaQuick Patch

Posted by Sika Expert
December 20, 2018
Time: 2 Hours
Skill Level: Moderate
Estimated Cost: $100

Brief Description

Looking for a fun and creative way to display your jewelry in the bedroom? Enjoy this DIY blog on how to create custom ring holders using SikaQuick® Patch.

Pro Select Products Used

Supplies & Tools

  • 80 lb Paper
  • Clear Tape
  • Blue Masking Tape
  • Empty Wine Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Extra Fine Sandpaper (120 Grit)

Step 1: Cutting the Paper

This can be done by cutting one sheet of paper in 6 evenly size pieces using a scissor. 

Cut paper into 6 individual sections

Step 2: Preparing the Cone

Fold each of the paper pieces into a cone and secure them with clear tape.

Roll cut piece of paper into cone shape and secure with clear tape.
Paper cones to be used to form our ring holder DIY project.

Step 3: Placing Cones

Place cones gently into empty wine bottle. 

Use wine bottle to hold paper cones prior to pouring SikaQuick® Patch.

Step 4: Mixing

Mix the product according to the packaging instructions. Cut open a small corner of the bag. Begin pouring SikaQuick® Patch into the cones and fill to desired size. Please allow 1 hour for mold to cure prior to removing the cones. 

Mixing SikaQuick® Patch.
Cutting the bag SikaQuick® Patch.
Note: Make sure you do not cut corner too large to avoid spillage.

Step 5: Creating the Concrete Molds

Fill the prepared cones with SikaQuick® Patch by slowly pouring the product into the cones. Shake the cone slightly to level the concrete, get the bubbles out and get the product all the way in the tip. After 30 - 60 minutes, take the paper carefully off of the concrete ring holders. If needed, sand the bottom of each ring holder to make them level. 

Sanding SikaQuick® Patch.
Sanding SikaQuick® Patch.

Step 6: Masking & Painting

Be creative and paint each ring holder. We used blue masking tape to ensure straight lines when painting the ring holder.

Applying masking tape to concrete ring holder.
Painting the ring holder with gold paint.
Acrylic colors work great (we used Arteza Acrylic Colors Premium).

Finished Product: Concrete Ring Holder

DIY Concrete ring holder using SikaQuick® Patch.
DIY Concrete ring holder using SikaQuick® Patch.
SikaQuick® Patch