Do It Yourself

Build a Quick & Easy Garden Planter

Posted by Sika Expert
January 18, 2019
Time: 2.5 Hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $55

Brief Description

Build your own garden planter using Sika® Post Fix and SikaBond® Construction Adhesive. This easy project adds an eye catching feature to your garden bed and increase your garden’s area.

Supplies & Tools

  • Post Hole Digger
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Caulk Gun
  • Scissors
  • 4" x 4" x 8' Pressure Treated Wood Post
  • 20" Diameter Cedar Whiskey Barrel Planter
  • (1) 50 Qt. Bag of Potting Mix

Step 1: Preparation

Cut the 4" × 4" post to a 6′-0″ length.  This can typically be done free of charge at the major home improvement stores. Fill the planter halfway with potting mix.

Sika® Post Fix.

Step 2: Digging The Hole

Using the post hole digger, dig a hole that is 8" in diameter and 36" deep.

Step 3: Using Sika® Post Fix

Place the post in the hole.  Prepare the bag of Sika Post Fix following instructions printed on the packaging.  Pour the contents of Sika Post Fix around the post. Place a level along the length of the post and hold in place for 30 seconds making sure the post is plumb. Allow two hours for the Post Fix to fully cure.

Pouring Sika® Post Fix in the hole.

Step 4: Applying SikaBond® Construction Adhesive

Apply an fair amount of SikaBond® Construction Adhesive to the top of the post. Place the whiskey barrel on the post. Allow 2 hours for the adhesive to cure.

Applying SikaBond® Construction Adhesive to post.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

Once adhesive is fully cured, add the remaining potting mix and then add your chosen plants.

Build a Quick & Easy Garden Planter using SikaBond® Construction Adhesive & Sika® Post Fix.